Paleo Snacks

What is the right snack?

When it comes to snacking, it’s best to listen to your body and if your meals are keeping you completely satisfied, then snacking is not essential. Though most of us need to snack during the day, nutrition is individualised and what works for you may not work for someone else. Remember that Paleo is a lifestyle and success comes when you make it fit your life.

Remember these Paleo snacks standards:

  • Grain free.
  • Dairy free.
  • No refined sugars (try not eat too much dried fruit eg. ‘health’ bars with dates etc.
  • Low in polyunsaturated fats, so be careful when choosing nuts and seeds and check their healthy fats profiles.
  • Non-perishable options for travelling.

Snacks are very handy when you are on-the-go or travelling. Having pre-made options will keep you from resorting to something that is not Paleo friendly.

Satisfying paleo snacks include:

  • Healthy fats
  • Fibre (from fruit and veggies)
  • Protein

almonds paleo nut

Aim to have this combination during each snack to help keep your blood sugar stable and promote satiety. For example, an apple is great and super easy as a snack option, but take it to the next level and eat it with a handful of nuts or a couple of tablespoons of raw nut butter. Apples have a healthy dose of fibre and are loaded with vitamins and minerals, while nut butters contain both protein and healthy fats.

The chart below can help you build the perfect snack with a goal to hit at least two out of the three columns. If you hit all three columns, you have achieved ultimate snacking success and this will provide you with essential macro and micro-nutrients to keep you healthy and your body functioning at an optimum level.



Healthy Fats


Slices of meat


Sweet potato

Smoked salmon

Coconut butter




Kale chips

Can of tuna/salmon




Raw nuts


Hard-boiled eggs

Olive/Coconut/Macadamia oil



Pumpkin/Sunflower seeds

Baby carrots


Chia/Hemp seeds

 smoothie bowl paleo fruit fibre protein

Quick and Healthy Snacks:

  • Banana with almond butter smeared on it.
  • Apple with cashew butter smeared on it.
  • Cooked sweet potato smashed up with coconut oil, cinnamon and sea salt.
  • Salami rolled up with avocado slices.
  • Paleo dairy-free yoghurt made from coconut.
  • Hard-boiled eggs with a little salt sprinkled on top.
  • Make a big batch of paleo strawberry muffins, recipe found here.
  • Raw vegetables dipped in avocado pesto, recipe found here.
  • Canned tuna mixed with mashed avocado.
  • Cashew cheese, recipe found here.
  • Mango smoothie, recipe found here.

As much as we would like to avoid packaged and processed foods on the Paleo diet, having the convenience of grab-and-go Paleo snacks is also nice.

Here are some Paleo approved healthy snacks found on our website:

Organic sunflower seeds and cranberry snack
Organic sunflower seeds are jam-packed with Vitamin E and other essential goodies. Combined with the tart tenderness of cranberries, this is a snack of champions. 
Sunflower seeds and cranberry snack paleoCoconut chips, raspberry & beets
Good fats, no added sugar, vegan. Perfect for a healthy snack, or for the children lunchbox.

Coconut chips beet and raspberry paleo

Organic coconut cacao nibs
100% raw and ready to eat. The nibs have a rich dark chocolate taste blended with the lovely nectar of coconut.

coconut cacao nibs paleo

Sun-dried Tomato Crackers
Sun-dried tomato and almond crackers, fragrant and spicy, packed with omega 3s, vitamin E, and a good dose of fibre are the perfect addition to a fresh bowl of guacamole.

raw sundried tomato crackers paleo

Cranberries, Mylk chocolate coated
A deliciously sweet and tart combination, coated premium organic cranberries in Raw Coconut Mylk Chocolate, created from the Amazonico Criollo Cacao.

cranberries mylk chocolate paleo

Salted Macadamia with Maple & Vanilla Bean
This smooth, luxurious butter is made using the finest ingredients, including NZ grown macadamias, pure Canadian maple and real vanilla bean.

Salted Macadamia with maple and vanilla bean paleo butter nut