Gluten-free, Paleo food, is it for me?

The paleo diet and lifestyle caters for everyone and after being scientifically researched, it is deemed one of the most nutritious, healthiest lifestyles to follow.

Paleo products are suitable for:

  • anybody who would rather eat food which is minimally processed, especially with no processed-sugar and other nasties
  • fitness fans who want nutritious food for optimum results
  • those wanting to lose weight
  • people needing to follow a specialised diet or those with autoimmune issues
  • people with Celiac disease

Even if you aren't able to follow the diet 100%, latest studies show that a partial paleo diet can deliver benefits too, while making it easier to adjust to new eating habits. In a way it forces you to rethink your food intake while avoiding processed nasties without being calorie specific - this is already a major advantage.

The Paleo diet is a gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free and dairy free diet with a general preference for non processed foods.


Different groups of people have been adopting a gluten-free or paleo diet for a few years now and these groups do a lot to explain the success of these diets. 

Paleo for fitness

Scientific studies continue to demonstrate the safety and efficiency of the paleo diet.

The Paleo diet doesn't follow the rules put in place by modern diets like calorie counting and portion controlling. Protein is the key ingredient in the diet and should be consumed in generous proportions along with lots of fresh vegetables to ensure maximum muscle growth. 

For more information, take a look at this this blog entry. Also check our informative videos.

Indeed in order to perform a high impact workout you must have heaps of energy to expend and the Paleo diet also provides just this. It can provide a competitive edge when it comes to working out as it allows for greater muscle build up with decreased recovery times and thus increased performance.

We have another short video which explains this.

Paleo for health

Trying is believing! Many people have noticed that even a partial paleo diet (for instance a regular paleo breakfast or paleo evening meal) actually improved their quality of life. They note an experience in more energy (less heavy digestion), reduced allergies, weight loss and a general higher sense of wellbeing.

There are some good reasons for this: processed foods, are suspected in quite a few ills. For example because of your genetic make-up, too many lactose or gluten based products can cause issues, maybe not dramatic, but enough to make a difference.

Also the paleo diet moves away from industrialised food where the contents seem to relate more to chemical laden food products as compared to natural foods.

For a more detailed discussion, see this blog entry.

If you search around the internet you will read some life changing stories and experiences, where often traditional (institutionalised) medical care has had limited success. In particular many celiac sufferers came to adopt a gluten-free diet because effectively everything else failed them.

They form a hard core of supporters of the gluten free diet which falls into the paleo diet, and quite a few have opened cafes or published books about their experiences.

They typically tell you that they did not really believe in a diet or lifestyle change until they tried it, and that the results were well beyond their expectations. They have no other agenda than to let people know that the food you choose to eat can have a dramatic impact on your health.

Interestingly more and more scientific and medical studies are supporting the paleo diet.

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