Is the Paleo diet easy to follow? Paleo food list

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Here is why:

  • First, the main idea is simply to omit foods that may cause issues and to continue to eat a wholesome, non-processed food diet. For example, all grass-fed and wild meats and fish and vegetables, nuts and fruits are allowed on the paleo diet. This means that it's a very nutritionally high lifestyle to follow.

  • You typically don't need to do a full switch to the paleo diet to see the benefits. Many people may settle for a regular paleo breakfast or evening meal for instance. 

  • Once you understand the basics of the paleo diet, you will find that there are many interesting quality substitutes to many industrialised products that you may be used to.

Trying Paleo products can be rewarding

For instance low GI natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, maple and agave syrup offer you a whole range of new healthier alternatives. Also switching to healthier oil options like olive, macadamia and coconut oils are highly beneficial. And trying paleo condiments like bbq sauce, tomato sauce, different mustards and dressings that contain no gluten, dairy, chemicals, preservatives, flavourings or refined sugar and taste a whole lot better!

See a typical paleo food list.

Also you don't have to give up on your snacks or feel guilty when you have one: there are plenty of delicious healthy, guilt-free choices on the paleo diet.

There is a world of choice.

One of our founders regularly writes blog entries about the paleo lifestyle. Follow her blogs and recipes if you want to understand better how to participate in a paleo lifestyle.

Last but not least, we will deliver reasonably price paleo food items to both the North and South islands with small courier costs ($3.20 up to 25kg in Auckland, now that is plenty to eat!).

Also if you would like extra information, meal plans and guidebooks on the paleo diet, please feel free to click our links below:

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