Payment Methods

Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards:

We use ShopifyPayments/Stripe to handle all payments across most debit and credit cards. This is a fully integrated solution deployed by Shopify with all security features.


You can also pay via PayPal by sending the amount to our PayPal account:

Please follow these instructions if you are not sure how to send money to a PayPal account:
- go to your PayPal account
- click on 'Send & Request Payments' on the menu at the top
- select 'Pay for goods & services'
- enter our PayPal email address (
- follow instructions from there


If you have ApplePay and are running Safari on a recent version of MacOs, you will also be able to pay with ApplePay.

Bank Transfer:

You can also pay us by bank transfer. Here are our account details:

ASB: 12-3077-0154773-00

Please send us an email at after depositing the money on our ASB account.