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Nuzest - Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla - 500g

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What is this?

Clean Lean Protein, a high-quality, premium golden pea protein isolate is a 100% vegan protein that contains all the essential amino acids. Made from European Golden Pea protein with natural flavours. 

Lean Protein is protein in its purest form - natural and free from all common allergens.  This 500g tub comes in natual Vanilla flavour.

Suitable for:

  • Paleo
  • Vegans
  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Athletes


What is so good about it?

  • All Natural, 100% Vegetable & Allergen Free
  • 100% European grown and processed Golden Peas
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids, plus many more
  • High in protein, yet very low in fat, sugar and carbs
  • Light on the stomach with a 98% digestibility rating
  • With a pH of 7.8, Clean Lean Protein is one of the few alkaline proteins available.
  • Quick and easy to blend, mix or bake in five delicious, natural flavours

The vegetable protein that’s great for every-body. Free from all common allergens and 100% natural. High in protein yet low in carbs and fat, it supports healthy weight management and helps your body recover faster, so you can get back doing the things you love.

"Clean Lean Protein is the world’s most effective vegetable protein. It’s easy to digest, low in allergens and extremely low in carbohydrates."

Cliff Harvey
ND, Dip.Fit, HbT, Adv.Psych-K, naturopath, strength coach, author.

Just one serve per day of Clean Lean Protein (25g) helps to provide around ¾ of someones base amino acid requirements for health:

  Amino Acids per Serve of Clean Lean Protein Amino Acids Recommeded per day (average) by the WHO
Leucine 1672 2418
Isoleucine 896 1240
Valine 995 1612
Tryptophan 199 248
Methionine 219 930
Histidine 498 620
Lysine 1433 1860
Threonine 776 930
Phenylalanine + tyrosine 1095 1550

No gluten, dairy or soy GMOs or artificial preservatives. It's low in carbohydrates and high in digestible protein.

  • Pea Protein Isolate
  • Natural Vanilla Flavour
  • Katemfe Fruit Extract (Thaumatin)
Per serve (25g)
Per 100g
386kj, 92Cal
1545kj, 369Cal
Fat, Total
Fat, Saturated
Carbohydrate, Total
Inc. Sugars
Dietary Fiber, Total

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